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Security and Defence

To safeguard society, support employment, advance research, and ensure Ireland’s economic growth, one’s goal is to guarantee that Ireland acquires, suitable, leading edge, and reliable defence and security capabilities on land, sea, air, space, and cyber domains.

Building a just, affluent, and secure world by sustainable means is the mission of governments and societies. Future generations must be empowered to carry on the legacy of today’s efforts, just as much as it is to engage in debate, undertake in-depth analysis, and produce ideas that are solution driven.

The purpose is to conduct research, promote discussions, and offer solutions on important matters pertaining to military and security on national and international levels.

The position it’s commendable for upholding a balance between honouring traditions and exercising independent judgment. This approach fosters a sense of continuity while also ensuring that policies and institutions are held accountable and remain dynamic.

On the perspective the primary focus is on Irish defence, security, and international affairs, and how to improve the safety of Ireland and the European Union.

The vision is to be a leading independent Senator for informing and improving policy and public debate on defence, security, and international affairs.

See link below to committee meetings.

Link: Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence – 33rd Dáil, 26th Seanad – Houses of the Oireachtas

By the end of September, the Irish Defence Forces (DF) will have reached an all time low. An all time low in numbers and in morale.