I am a candidate in the Seanad Election 2016  on the Labour Panel representing the ICPSA who nominated me and City and County Councillors who are my constituents. When I was elected to the Seanad in 2014 I promised not to be whipped by any party and I have remained true to this. This leaves me in the unique position of being able to serve all Councillors.  

Whether you are a member of a party or an Independent, I will serve your needs. As I have no restrictions placed on me, I can speak at any time at the Daily Order of Business or at a Commencement Debate on issues that are important to you. I have no other constituency except you. Please play the video below and listen to what I have to say:




GCraughwell @ClontarfCait Agreed but very very expensive. Lol

21 hours ago. via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ClontarfCait

GCraughwell @VincentH112 I am/was a teacher please

21 hours ago. via Twitter for iPhone in reply to VincentH112


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