Irish Water has launched a dedicated refunds website page as the government legislation necessary to enable the refunding of household water charges progresses through the Oireachtas. Radio advertisements are also beginning this week across local and national stations advising customers to contact Irish Water on 1850 448 448 if their address has changed and they have yet to update their details.

It is important to note that if a customer’s address or personal details have not changed that they will not have to contact Irish Water to get their refund. Refunds will made via cheque to the account holder at the address they provided to Irish Water.

Payments are being made by cheque because this is the quickest and most efficient means of payment, which also provides the highest level of security by ensuring that only the account holder can lodge the cheque and Irish Water can cancel any cheques sent to incorrect addresses or individuals. Cheques also ensure that Irish Water will not need to have account holders’ bank account details and customers can be very clear that at no time will anyone from Irish Water contact them looking for those details.


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