Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement Committee

  • Hot off the press ! In conjunction with my Independent Seanad colleagues, I produced a  short booklet on the serious implications of BREXIT for Ireland. This year I hope to establish a cross party Seanad process of inquiry on the potential impact of BREXIT.
  • At the  Order of Business in the Seanad today,  I asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs to come to the Seanad today to explain how the Irish Government intends to defend every line and dot of the Good Friday Agreement in light of this morning’s ruling by  the UK Supreme Court.


  • Dear Friends, it has been a busy and eventful year and I have much to be grateful for. My sincere thanks to the City and County Councillors who elected me to the 25th Seanad and to members of the ICPSA who nominated me. It is an honour to represent you.   As a member of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on European Affairs and the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement Committee, I have been very involved in the preparations for Brexit which I believe is one the most serious international issues facing Ireland. At home, my efforts have been concentrated on important legislation including the Planning and Development  (Residential Tenancies ) Bill which will be passed into law this week.  As we all know, legislation alone will not solve the worsening homelessness crisis because at the heart of market triumphalism there is still the  greed  of the few at the expense of the many. Greed is the biggest personal and political challenge we face and we need to keep thinking and talking about it until it is solved.  I want to thank each and every one of you for engaging with me during the year and I look forward to sharing 2017 with you. 


davidhall75 I’ll be on with Keith on the @KFshow on Galway Bay FM at 10.20 about the eviction in Roscommon

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irishexaminer Early this morning, following a request from Gardaí, a @defenceforces Army Bomb Disposal Team removed and made safe……

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GCraughwell @irishexaminer @defenceforces @CormacJOKeeffe And people ask why we need @defenceforces well here is just one reason.

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