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  • By the end of September, the Irish Defence Forces (DF) will have reached an all time low. An all time low in numbers and in morale. Proud experienced Officers, NCO’s and enlisted women and men are walking away from the career they placed their hopes and dreams in. Young women and men who want to serve their country are opting for jobs in supermarkets or fast food outlets leaving behind careers destroyed by a failure of those in charge to understand their own mismanagement. The situation is I believe made worse by political interference forcing uniformed personnel to lower standards to present an image of an organisation with a plan.


davidhall75 I’ll be on with Keith on the @KFshow on Galway Bay FM at 10.20 about the eviction in Roscommon

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irishexaminer Early this morning, following a request from Gardaí, a @defenceforces Army Bomb Disposal Team removed and made safe……

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GCraughwell @irishexaminer @defenceforces @CormacJOKeeffe And people ask why we need @defenceforces well here is just one reason.

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