• Senator Craughwell Calls on Government To Immediately Engage with Defences Forces and an Garda Siochána Following Brexit And Possible Reintroduction of North/South Border

    As the shock of the British Referendum result to leave the EU reverberates around Europe and the world, the stock exchange and money markets are set to record their worst day ever. As the UK’s closest trading partner Ireland will be disproportionately  affected by Britain’s exit.  The process of “uncoupling” from the EU will commence straight away and while our main focus is naturally on the economic implications, the geopolitical ramifications of our shared border require immediate and careful attention. As  someone who has served in both the British and the Irish Army and who grew up with “The Troubles” the fragile peace process which has been forged and carefully nurtured by citizens and politicians from both sides of the border is always foremost to my mind. Central to that peace process has been the dismantling of the “hard border” between North and South with all of its attendant security checks and border controls.


SenatorTerry Pictured with @SP_European committee (the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee ) of the Scotti……

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GCraughwell @KeithMillsD7 It forms a part of our reform bill. Not holding my breath.

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GCraughwell @KeithMillsD7 Have referred to this many times. But sure it was just the will of the people passed in s referendum……

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