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Senator Craughwell "Only one politician highlighted the potentially serious nature of the Planning and Development Act 2015" Sunday Times

In the Sunday Times this weekend there was an excellent article on some of the problems surrounding policy making in Ireland. The article reiterated my own belief that the policy  advice and direction... read more..

Seanad Reform

Seanad Election 2016 : Crèche, Retirement Home or an Upper House to be proud of ? Let the people decide

As the  Seanad Election 2016 approaches, the question has to be asked ‘does party politics serve the people or the party’.  The fallout from the General Election 2016 has resulted in many high profile... read more..

Seanad Reform
Super User

Isn't it time we reformed the Seanad ?

Now that the General Election is over, I am asking the people of Ireland to start a conversation about real reform of the Seanad so it is now longer a resting place for those who did not get elected t... read more..

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GCraughwell @Senator4London @PresidentIRL It’s in the Presidents hands

23 minutes ago. via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Senator4London

GCraughwell @countryboy606 @GraTire @gemmaod1 I need to know which of the 2 independents has a real chance. Once I sign that’s it so I won’t. Waste it

25 minutes ago. via Twitter for iPhone in reply to countryboy606 • 1 retweet

GCraughwell @countryboy606 @GraTire @gemmaod1 Yes Peter I can and I am not inclined to support Gemma.

39 minutes ago. via Twitter for iPhone in reply to countryboy606 • 1 retweet




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